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We love to hear from all the people that we have helped and get their side of things. See below for some of the wonderful people that were generous enough to leave a testimonial about their experience.

General Testimonials

I started Ayurvedic massage and treatment with Sebastian to deal with excessive heat and discomfort in my body.

As a nurse and Qigong teacher, I knew my unusual symptoms did not fit any illness that western medicine could diagnosis.

Sebastian quickly became a vital link in my  ayurvedic treatment  team.  His respectful manner established the trust I needed to embark on a treatment regime that was completely new to me.

The regular oil massages have progressively stabilized my system, and he has been an excellent guide to eating the foods that truly balance my body.  The shirodara treatments are profoundly relaxing, and help integrate healthier patterns in my body.

Sebastian offers his valuable ayurvedic knowledge with a ‘light’ touch, and his expertise is always offered with thoughtfulness and clarity.  The fact that Sebastian ‘walks the talk’ and has both grown up in and trained in the ayurvedic tradition, makes him a valued and credible practionner on the Ayurvedic scene in Ottawa!  I am convinced I would not be enjoying my balanced state of health without his valuable interventions.

Julia Gordon


Every time I come for a treatment with Viveda I feel I have been given a burst of love and support for myself. Vivedas treatments help calm and balance my body and mind. My Panchakarma weeks are always something I look forward to every year. Thank you so much for supporting me on my journey Viveda


Spiritual Teacher

Shirodharas to be indispensable in helping me to maintain clarity of mind and emotional resilience in the face of much change and the necessary juggling of priorities. I highly recommend Vivedas services – they are kind, sharp, strong, clean and a total professional. Don’t think twice, your body and mind (and husband) will thank you.

Briya Freeman

Regular Panchakarma treatments with Viveda (massage, shirodara, and others) has provided me with immense relief from the many hours of sitting in front of a computer I do, as well as the stress of mental work and everyday life. The treatments support my balance, relaxation, mental clarity and the release of toxins.  Having been trained in India with Ayurvedic teachers, Sebastian has mastered the massage techniques, and even deepened them with his own style to cater for western audiences. I feel blessed Sebastian from Viveda is in the Ottawa area!

Radha (Dr. Kim Hendi)

CEO & Founder, disruptive art® coaching

Connecting mindfulness, art and science.. one creative disruption at a time.

Radha Hendi

CEO & Founder, Disruptive Art

Service Testimonials

We are Da BEst!


Job, Company

Sebastian is an excellent Ayurvedic practitioner who assesses, plans and implements an individuals treatment plan for his clients depending on their health and body constitution. His Ayurvedic knowledge, experience and subtle approach shines through during an Ayurvedic treatment with him. I leave feeling purified, uplifted, relaxed and calm and am totally comfortable in his care.

Anamda Sly

Owner, Heart Sounds Yoga

Best Ayuirvedic massage in town!

I highly recommend Sebastians ayurvedic massages. He is consistent, thorough, listens well to your needs and is so funny… unless you ask for silence which he can also happily provide 🙂

Isabella Blanchet

We are Da BEst!


Job, Company

Product Testimonials

We are Da BEst!


Job, Company

My first stop for ayurvedic medicines, oils and spices! We are so lucky to have Viveda here in Ottawa.

Gurprasad Green

We are Da BEst!


Job, Company


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