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Ayurveda has a host of treatments for all the different varieties of issues and imbalances that are out there.


Best way to start with Ayurrveda is by doing a Ayurvedic Consultation.



Take a look at what we have to offer and let us know if you have any questions about any of them.



This is the best way to get the most out of your money. Get a package that can be used for any service we offer and it wont expire until you are done with them all.


Counts as 2 hours for any packages

New to Ayurveda? Start Here!!!

An Ayurvedic Consultation is defintely the best way to get started in the Ayurvedic world. This is because the entire process of Ayurveda stems from being able to know what elements we have with in us and what our aggravation is. This consultation will not only help you learn what your Dosha (body type) is but also your aggravations are. It will also teach you allot about how Ayurveda functions and tips about changes you should or shouldn’t make to your diet and lifestyle.

What We Ask

  • Your current complaints and issues
  • Your current diet and lifestyle
  • How have you changed since childhood
  • We ask questions to see what your mental process is like (fast, slow, logical…)
  • About your bodily functions

What we Look at

  • Your pulse
  • Your tongue
  • Your eyes
  • Your body shape
  • Your body temperature
  • The shape of your features (eyes, fingers, nose…)

What we Accomplish

By the end of the consultation we will know what body type you are as well as what your aggravations or disbalances are.

We will talk about what this means for you and how you can help your own body to accomplish what it wants to. We do this by talking about dietary, lifestyle changes as well as just being aware that things you do one day can and should affect what you decide to do or eat the next day/week.

You can be ready for the consultation by:


  1. When you come for a consultation you should have a semi-full stomach. The reason is that if you are hungry or full then your pulse and your tongue may give some misinformation.


  1. The same reason applies to being stimulated by coffee, alcohol, drugs or even adrenaline. So try not to take any of those in the hours leading to the consultation.


  1. Think about what bothers you currently and how long that has been going on for.


  1. We hope to see you soon!

1 Hour Treatments

Counts as 1 hour for any packages

30 Minute Treatments

Counts as 30 minutes for any packages


We are happy to offer packages to make it cheaper and easier for you 🙂



Panchakarma is a very big part of Ayurveda because it is the detox method. Using Ayurveda when you are dealing with a imbalance we use panchakarma to clean you out so we can start to build you back up from a more blanced place.

Most issues and illness arise when we have a build up of toxins that have not only grown but have had time to really instill themselves in your body and mind. We see it all the time, someone comes in thinking that they are just naturally an air head and thats jusdt who they are, this feels like the truth but in reality it is toxins that have been in your system since you were a teenager or even a child.

Pachakarma is the best way to remove those old toxins and make room for new fresh toxins, because yes we can never not have toxins but if we are constantly flushing out old ones for new, then they dont have the oppurtunity to turn into an illness or anything that slows us down.

One of the best things about Panchakarma and Ayurveda is that it doesnt try and change you into something you are not. Meaning it will use the tools you and your body have (which we all do) to get healthier and more balanced. And just as importantly to stay that way and maintain your body and all its functions so you can live your fullest life possible.

Everybody is different

The process of panchakarma is different for every person and even every time. While this can make it more work for everyone involved it is the only way to treat people because we are all different and we all need different things to be balanced.

What does panchakarma look like

The process of panchakarma is about recieving one or more treatments on a daily basis, this can be 30 minutes every day or up to 2 hours daily. The treatments are to help bring the toxins from the body to either the digestive system or to flush them out from the hands, feet or head. At the end of each week we would do some type of purge (either Virechana or Vasti) to fully remove those toxins from the digestive system.

Panchakarma Diet

To really get the most out of panchakarma you should follow not only an Ayurvedic diet but a panchakarma one. What this means is eating foods that are easily digestable so we can continue to flush things through our system. Check out our blog and the book of taste for details about an Ayurvedic diet.

Panchakarma Lifestyle

We want to be able to rest and regnereate during panchakarma. This means only light excercises, like walking or stretching, not too much sun or wind/heat or cold, and to be aware that our energy levels will fluctuate during panchakarma so not to work or socialize too much.

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