Intro for Shirodhara


Shirodhara is one of the two quintessential Ayurvedic treatments. It is the best way to get started into a deeper Ayurvedic understanding for a couple reasons, and thats even before thinking about the actual benefits.

When we say that Shirodhara is a great way to go deeper into Ayurveda what we mean is that it goes in a different direction then the western style of approaching the mind. It forces you to check in with your own body but even more so with the mind because you really are in your own head the majority of the treatment.

If you are the type of person that has an active mind and you want to slow things down then the Shirodhara is for you, while you may have a hard time with aspects of it the benefits will be completely worthwhile. This is because of how deep it goes it will actually last longer then just one massage or meditation.

“I, Sebastian, still have thoughts about a Shirodhara I received years ago…”


Calms the Mind

One of the biggest benefits is that it helps calm the mind. Not only because you are so relaxed you forget about things but more that it forces you to actually follow through on your thoughts and to be more comfortable with those thoughts.

Once you have followed through you are able to move onto the next thought and then the next. With this process you can calm the mind because you are making it easier to “go with the flow” of the your own mind.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Because you have probed your mind to a deeper level you are much more prepared to be more comfortable, relaxed and stable mentally. Once this happens the stress and anxiety that we all deal with will be not only manageable but it could be useful.

Aids Sleep

This one probably doesn’t surprise anyone but when our bodies are more healthy, relaxed and happy we are able to sleep easier.

It helps in two ways, it helps us physically become more relaxed and so our bodies are able to lie down and be still more easily, The other effect is within our minds, we can become more calm and able to think clearly. Making it a smoother process when your lying in bed thinking about… well everything really.

And I don’t have to write anything about how helpful having a solid nights rest is helpful for our daily well being as I am sure we are all aware of that.

Awakens our Intuition

Because we are going into our own minds, the more we connect with ourselves the more our intuition or self trust can really help guide us.

Healthy Hair

A physical benefit of a Shirodhara is that with all the oil it helps strengthen and promote our hair follicles.

So if you have a dry itchy scalp this would be a great treatment for you.

$100 for 1 hour Shirodhara

(Counts as a 1 hour treatment for packages)

  1. Wear clothing you dont mind getting some residual oil on it (specifically upper body).
  2. Dont drink coffe or do anything too stimulating before the treatment.
  3. It is about 45 minutes of lying on the table and another 15 for a small head massage and rest.
  4. Your eyes might be sensitive so best to stay away from bright lights like screens and the sun afterwards.
  5. Your hair will be very oily!
  1. There is water on site but bring water for after you leave as it helps continue flushing things.
  2. For best results keep the oil on for about an hour after you have toweled off.
  3. Bring a head cover like a towel or hat because your head can be sensitive afterwards and you want to expose it as little as possible.
  4. Schedule it so you can rest afterwards to emphasize the rejuvination aspect.

Final Thoughts on Shirodhara

This treatment is amazing because it not only helps us physically but it really helps with our own mental growth.

That being said it can be quite jarring for people that are not use to being in their minds for long periods of time. But those are the kinds of people that would benefit the most from this treatment. Its like when your trying to lose weight by exercising and you hate it with a passion but it is exactly what you need if you want to change.

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