Head Massage – Shiroabhyanga

Intro for Shiroabhyanga


Shiro means head and Abhyanga means massage or treatment in Sanskrit, which is why you see these words a few times with different treatments.

For this 30 minute massage we work on your shoulders, neck and head. It is done sitting in a chair with the practitioner standing behind you. Like all other treatments we would use an oil that suits your needs, whether you need to fire up or cool down. If your not sure how you feel about Ayurveda but you want to try something out, look no further. It is an amazing way to try an Ayurvedic treatment, meet your practitioner and chat with them about what we can achieve together.


Relieves Headaches and Migraines

The most noticeable benefit is helping with pain, headaches and migraines. The soothing movements with the combination of medicated oil all over the head are a great way to relax, rejuvenate and rest the brain, muscles and nerves.

Improves the Sense Organs

Most of our senses originate in our head, this means that so much of what and how we experience the world is in one part of our body. If that part is constantly stressed then everything we experience will be seen through that lens. If we make sure that our head is supple and ready to take on new expereiences and challanges then we will be prepared for the world.

Aids Sleep

This is right between the Abhyanga and Shirodhara treatment so it has similar benefits then both of those. It is calming and relaxing like a Shirodhara to help you sleep at night.

Revitalizes The Brain

The brain is active most of our lives. If we are able to give it time and help to rest we will be thanked as it is a great way to reset our system and be ready for the day.

Promotes Hair Growth

Like the Shirodhara recieving this treatment on a regular basis is a great way to promote stronger and healthier hair growth.
Head Massage

$45 for 30min Shiroabhyanga

(Counts as a 30min treatment for packages)

  1. Wear clothing you don’t mind getting some residual oil on it (mostly just upper body).
  2. We offer towels for your upper body but any strapless clothing works.
  3. Our skulls are always tighter then we expect.
  1. There is water on site but bring water for after you leave as it helps continue flushing things.
  2. For best results keep the oil on for about an hour after you have toweled off.
  3. Do some light stretching or yoga after to continue moving things around.
  4. Schedule it so you can rest afterwards to emphasize the rejuvination aspect.

Final Thoughts for Shiroabhyanga


This is one that we have never had a complaint about. It is easy to receive and can even be done outdoors if its the right setting. Unless you are a very calm person already we will use a relaxing calming oil like Brahmi mixed with other oil and herbs to make it potent and show you the power of oil. We also teach this as a workshop when people are interested to show that it is easy to learn.

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