Intro on Muckabhyanga


Muck means Face and Abhyanga means massage or treatment in Sanskrit so it is a face massage making it a great way to work on your face and skull.

It is 30 minutes of lying down on a table with the practitioner standing behind your head and massaging your entire face, neck and ears.

Because our face is always out in the open we should be detoxing it on a regular basis to make sure toxins and tense ligaments don’t build up over the years. This massage is a great way to detox the face and work on our senses while relaxing and enjoying being pampered.


Refreshes Sense Organs

Like the Shiroabhyanga this is one of the best ways to clean the sense organs to make sure that we are smelling, hearing and seeing at peak efficiancy.

Circulation and Lymph Drainage

Our neck is a big bottleneck point for allot of our bodyily systems. That includes our Circulatory and Lymphotic systems. This treatment is a great way to make sure things don’t get jammed up in our neck and face.

Aids Sleep

Like most Ayurvedic treatments this one helps with sleep since it also focuses on the face/head. It can help calm and relax the mind, but the difference with this treatment is that it also relaxes the contstantly used and stressed face muscles to make it easier to have a good nights rest.

Stronger and Healthier Skin

Muckabhyanga helps the skin with the oil we are using. It adds a much needed protective layer to our face, to not only minimize what the skin has to deal with but to also give it a radiant glow and suppleness. This will give it that room to be able to adapt to whatever we want/need it to be.

Promotes Tranquility

Because our face is our face, it is a big part of why we would feel uncomfortable or just not relaxed in our own skin. This will help you rest your face which will trickle down the neck to shoulders to spine to entire body.

$45 for 30min Muckabhyanga

(Counts as a 30min treatment for packages)

  1. Wear clothing you don’t mind getting some residual oil on it (mostly upper body).
  2. Your face will get oily so come prepared for that.
  3. Try and rest afterwards.
  1. There is water on site but bring water for after you leave as it helps continue flushing things.
  2. For best results keep the oil on for about an hour after you have toweled off.
  3. Do some light stretching or yoga after to continue moving things around.
  4. Schedule it so you can rest afterwards to emphasize the rejuvination aspect.

Final Thoughts for Muckabhyanga


This treatment is so powerful. This is because so much of how we live comes from our face/head. If we can keep a rested and clear face then it transfers to the rest of our lives and we are able to deal with problems more smoothly and we will simply start smiling more 🙂

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