Podikhizi Bolus Bag

Intro about Bolus Bag


This treatment is called Podikhizi and it is done by making spice filled cotton bags and having them sit in warm medicated oil. When they get warm enough the practitioner applies them to the body and squeezes to get some of the amazing spices into our system.

This is essentially the second level of the Abhyanga massage. Because it uses the same oil but it also uses spices, what this means is that you get more medicine in your system to help in your specific needs. The exact spices we use will change from person to person as everybody has different needs.


Muscle and Nerves Rejuvenation

Because this treatment is a deeper and strong er Abhyanga the benefits are very similar. It helps the muscle in the same way with the oil providing the aid we need sometimes to help our muscles rest, grow and even function more smoothly. For the nerves the oil helps soothe them while providing a much needed rest from “feeling” all the time and it also helps the nerve endings regenerate by giving them the room to do so.

Circulation and Lymph Drainage

One of the ways our bodies keeps things healthy and fresh is with our circulatory and lymph systems. The best way for us to give our bodies a helping hand is by using heat and pressure to actually literally move things through the systems we already have in place. That is what we are doing when we are getting a massage. And with an Abhyanga you have the added benefit of adding oil to that system as well, and what that does is it gives the toxins something to latch onto so they attach to the oil and the the movements of the massage move it into our drainage system (stool, urine, sweat…). This makes sure we absorb and eliminate as much as the toxins that we intake on a regular basis.

Reduces Tenderness, Pain, Stiffness

Because this one goes deeper then the Abhyanga massage it is that much better at reaching the deep rooted tenderness and stiffness from things like arthritis, sciatica and much more.

Stronger and Healthier Skin

Our skin is our biggest organ which makes it very important, but something most of us don’t think about is that fact that our skin is the thing that is exposed ALL THE TIME to the deluge of wind, sun, cold, heat and everything that the world (and humanity) throws at us. This means that taking care of our skin is one the best things you can do for your long term external health and it really helps you look young and healthy until you are 100 years old.

The Bolus bag also has the added benefit of giving you this tan like glow to your skin because of all the spices that have leeched some of their color on you.

Promotes Growth

Because of the added spices it will promote growth  even more so then the Abhyanga massage.

$90 for 1 hour Bolus Bag Massage

(Counts as a 1 hour treatment for packages)

  1. Wear clothing you don’t mind getting some residual oil or spices on it.
  2. Don’t come on a full stomach or completely empty stomach either as it slows down the healing process.
  3. Traditionally it is done topless but we have lots of towels to cover up if you aren’t interested in that.
  1. There is water on site but bring water for after you leave as it helps continue flushing things out.
  2. For best results keep the oil on for about an hour after you have toweled off.
  3. Do some light stretching or yoga afterwards to continue moving things around.
  4. Schedule it so you can rest afterwards to emphasize the rejuvination aspect.

 Final Thoughts for the Bolus Bag Massage


This massage is what you would get during your second or third week of Panchakarma. This is because it goes deeper into our system works especially well after we have built up our bodies with some other treatments. That is because being able to absorb things like oil, spices or even just being able to relax on the table takes time, so we can train our bodies to get the maximum benefit from everything that Ayurveda has to offer. A pro tip is that the Bolus Bag Massage can be more tiring then just a normal massage since our bodies are working harder at absorbing and processing everything that it is recieving.

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