Full Body Abhyanga

Intro about Abhyanga


Abhyanga is one of the two quintessential Ayurvedic treatments. It is the best way to get started into Ayurveda for a few reasons.

First of all it covers the entire body, we dont want to leave any part of you behind on this journey. You will come out of it with your whole body feeling nourished and ready to take on the world.

It is also something that anyone can do, no matter what body type you are or what aggravation you are an Abhyanga massage will be helpful. What would change from person to person is the type of oil that would be used and the speed and pressure of the strokes.

Lastly it is a great way to experience yourself, “I have learned so much about my body and mind during treatments because it forces me to be in my body and process what I am feeling physically and emotionally.”


Muscle and Nerves Rejuvenation

Obviously the muscles and nerves in our system are very important for our well being. The oil provides the aid we need to help our muscles rest, grow and even function more smoothly.

For the nerves the oil helps soothe them while providing a much needed rest from “feeling” all the time. It also helps the nerve endings regenerate by giving them the room to do so.

Circulation and Lymph Drainage

One of the ways our bodies keeps things healthy and fresh is with our circulatory and lymphatic systems. The best way for us to give our bodies a helping hand is by using heat and pressure to literally move things through the systems we already have in place.

That is what we are doing when we are getting a massage. With an Abhyanga you have the added benefit of adding oil to that system as well. What that does is it gives the toxins something to latch onto. The toxins attach to the oil and the the movements of the massage move it into our drainage system (stool, urine, sweat…). This makes sure we absorb and eliminate as much of the toxins as we can.

Aids Sleep

This one probably doesn’t surprise anyone but when our bodies are more healthy, relaxed and happy we are able to have a more restful sleep.

This treatment helps in two ways, it helps us physically become more relaxed so our bodies are able to lie down and be still more easily.

The other effect is with our minds, we can become more calm and able to think clearly. This makes it a smoother process when your lying in bed thinking about… well everything really.

Stronger and Healthier Skin

Our skin is our biggest organ which makes it very important. But something most of us don’t think about is the fact that our skin is exposed ALL THE TIME to the deluge of wind, sun, cold, heat and everything that the world (and humanity) throws at us.

This means that taking care of our skin is one the best things you can do for your long term health. And we all want to stay looking young and healthy into our senior years don’t we?

Abhyanga helps the skin because of the oil we are using. It adds a much needed protective layer to our outer body. This is to not only minimize what the skin has to deal with but also give it a radiant glow and suppleness, which gives it the space it needs to be able to adapt to whatever we want/need it to.

Promotes Growth

While this may not be the first thing that it helps as it is not a priority for our bodies it will help promote growth for everything in our bodies. That includes hair, nail, bone, muscle, nerves and really it helps all of our body and mind.

$90 for 1 hour Abhyanga

(Counts as a 1 hour treatment for packages)

  1. Wear clothing you dont mind getting some residual oil on it.
  2. Dont come on a full stomach or completely empty stomach either as it slows down the healing process.
  3. Traditionally it is done topless but we have lots of towels to cover up if you aren’t interested in that.
  1. There is water on site but bring water for after you leave as it helps continue flushing things.
  2. For best results keep the oil on for about an hour after you have toweled off.
  3. Do some light stretching or yoga after to continue moving things around.
  4. Schedule it so you can rest afterwards to emphasize the rejuvination aspect.

Final Thoughts on Abhyanga

The Abhyanga treatment is hands down one the best things you can do on a regular basis to dramaticly improve so many aspects of your life, physicaly and mentally. We cant say how much we love it and we hope to be able to show you how powerful regular bodywork can be.


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