7 Day Panchakarma

This 7 day program is a great way to start going deeper in not only Ayurveda but more importantly in your own body and mind. These 7 days will really show you how your mind is acting or reacting to thoughts and how your body can heal with just some self care and love. This is the best way to reset yourself after a long year of life!

Come and see how clean you can feel after 7 days.


Deeper Benefits then 3 days

The more days in a row you do the deeper it travels into your entire body. 7 days is enough time to get all the way to the organs and even some into the bones depending on where we are starting from.

System Reset & Starting a Foundation

7 days are enough to not only reset your system but also to give you a great start to a strong foundation so you can continue to become more balanced as the weeks continues.

Long Term Balance

While 3 days of treatments are a great. But when you do 7 days in a row wether by recieving a treatment or simply appliyng the oil yourself at home it is able to build up a reserve that will last for a month or more depending on your lifestyle.

We would like to point out that prices for Panchakarma can vary depending on if we are doing the same treatments(s) daily or if there is any medication needed. 

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