3 Day Detox

While a 3 day Ayurvedic detox cant be called panchakarma officially, it is a mini one for sure. A great way to think about it is that every season we live through we absorb some toxins and energy from all around us, taking these 3 days to detox will make sure that you are able to get rid of the excess summer heat in your system or the winter weight we all gain.

Come experience what we can accomplish in just 3 days of body and diet work!


Deeper Benefits then 1 Treatment

When you do 3 days in a row of any treatment it is able to penetrate much deeper into the body. What this means is that the benefits will go into more areas of the body AND will last longer.

System Reset

3 days may not be enough to cure a illness or fix a broken body, but it is enough time to do a soft reset your entire system so it has more energy to do what it can for your health and not just struggling to keep up with our daily lives.

Long Term Balance

While a single treatment is great. The oil, the medicine behind these treatments, will be used up within a few days. But when you do multiple days in a row wether by recieving a treatment or simply appliyng the oil yourself at home it is able to build up a reserve that will last for a week or more if you maintain it.

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