21 Day Panchakarma

We know 21 days can feel like a long time to spend on yourself, but trust us YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! These 21 days of course go even deeper and are especially helpful when there is a serious illness or dis-balance that has persisted for years or even (and often) decades.

You wont believe what we can accomplish together in just one month!


Super Deep Benefits

The more days in a row you do the deeper it travels into your entire body. With this 21 day Panchakarma we will be able to not only access all parts of the body and mind but we will also build a surplus of oil, strength and energy for each of those areas.

System Reset, Strong Foundation & New Life

21 days is enough time to reset, build a strong foundation and for your body to start learning better ways of dealing with everything that we throw at it during our life.

Long Term Health

When you come out of a month long Ayurvedic Panchakarma your body will be able to balance itself for nearly 6 months or more if you have a good lifestyle.

We would like to point out that prices for Panchakarma can vary depending on if we are doing the same treatments(s) daily or if there is any medication needed. 

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