14 Days Panchakarma

14 days are for people that not only want to reset their system but also build a strong foundation for their future selves.

See how strong you can get in 14 days of self love!


Deeper Benefits then 7 days

The more days in a row you do the deeper it travels into your entire body. 14 days will make sure we get throughout your whole sytem, bones, tendons, joints and organs. 

System Reset & Strong Foundation

4s we mentioned 14 days will reset your sytem and complete building a strong foundation. Meaning it will be much easier to build on it so you can continue to grow and heal yourself even after the 16 days are over.

Long Term Balance

When you do 14 days of treatments then the oil and medicine that has been absorbed into your system will continue to aid you in life for 2 months even if you don’t do any other work during those months (although would still suggest you maintain yourself properly)

We would like to point out that prices for Panchakarma can vary depending on if we are doing the same treatments(s) daily or if there is any medication needed. 

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