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 We use Ayurveda, the Indian medicine, to help you get balanced so your body can heal itself!

Here at Viveda we are looking to help people not only learn about Ayurveda but to actually experience it. Because that is the best way to learn anything, by experiencing them and seeing the effects.

We have come to love Ayurveda and what we can do for ourselves as people with it. We think it is one of the most useful modalities of medicine to help us all achieve a state of balance and happinies.


Can Ayurveda Help Me Get Healthy?

These are all the elements according to Ayurveda with their Sanskrit & English terms. These are the basic building blocks of Ayurveda.

<—–Vayu = Air


<—–Agni = Fire


<—–Jala = Water


<—–Aakash = Ether (Space)


<—–Bhumi = Earth


Increase in Ayurveda in 10 Years

  • How Many People Have Heard of Ayurveda 60% 60%
  • How Many People Use Ayurveda 30% 30%
Sebastian Peralta

Sebastian Peralta

Owner & Practitoner

Hi there laughing, I am Sebastian Peralta and I am the one that wears all the hats here at Viveda. This started off as a career from curiosity and oppurtunity, over the years since I have started Viveda I have come to appreciate and use Ayurveda more and more in my daily life. That could mean in what foods I’m eating, or what kind of activities I should be wary of all the way how and why the world and people are the way they are. Come learn about me and how I think Ayurveda can change all of our lives if we let it. 

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